Business Valuation


Protecting and understanding your individual or your business wealth and assets is an important part of overall financial health. In order to help you accomplish this we offer business valuation services. A valuation can play a key role in helping you achieve your financial goals.
Common situations that often require a valuation are: selling of a business, obtaining financing, planning for […]

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Health Benefits Services


Attract and retain the best employees with a health benefits package. Plus, these packages save both you and your employee tax dollars.
We specialize in third party employee and employer plan administration including section 125 cafeteria plans, health reimbursement arrangement plans, health savings account plans and planning document design and amendments.

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Retirement Plan Services


Empower your employees to save for their retirement by offering a retirement plan. We can help you design a qualified retirement plan that fits your business needs.
For retirement plans, we offer a variety of administrative support services, partnering and consulting.

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MDplus™ Medical and Dental Consulting


Get customized solutions for your practice, no matter the size or complexity, with our MDplus™ Medical and Dental Consulting. We’ve developed a strategic set of financial tools to foster the long-term health of your practice.
Choose from tools like practice evaluation, benchmarking, profit analysis and more.

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Tax services


Take advantage of our tax law expertise. We strive to limit current and future tax liabilities for our clients. We provide our clients with a comprehensive strategy and action plan based on business or individual needs.
Services include everything from planning to compliance.

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Payroll Services


Save time, money and headaches with our payroll service.
Our service is a cloud-based program that is simple and secure to use. Plus, it lets you do payroll from anywhere with your mobile device.

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Audit & Assurance Services


We offer a variety of audit and assurance services to help ensure your business is meeting requirements and in the best position for meeting goals.
Let us help you with audit services for:

  • Financial statements: government, non-profit, small business
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Specific Single Occurrence
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